Sunday, June 27, 2010

All moved out

 Most of my stuff is finally in the new place (turns out I have to go back tomorrow to clear out a closet the movers missed).

Here's how it went:

That white thing behind all the boxes is the fridge. I had sweet tea in there for the guys. But, um, I couldn't exactly get to it....

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Anonymous said...

Moving trivia: when we moved (ourselves in various stages) I had boxes labeled "Carol's winter clothes". DH asked WHY I WAS MOVING SO MANY BOXES OF WINTER CLOTHES to the south? Luckily he never had the time to look inside as they had "stuff" my kids did not have room in their apts at the time. Sure they came and emptied out what they wanted---but "linger looks" at this "stuff" made me keep it for the future. heheheh.

And the kids were shocked as time went and and they were given parts of the "stuff" at certain memorable times. I of
course lauged myself silly.

So hope this is a final move for awhile for you. And sending good wishes for your parents too.

Enjoy Carol