Wednesday, June 30, 2010


It was a long day. I saw some patients. I did some stuff. And I started moving into my new office.

Yep, that's right. I'm moving into Chiefs' Office South with Cleo. Today was the last official day of the Pink Office.

It's the end of an era, people. I'm pretty sad.

So then, I went and got my head shrunk after work, and I got stuck in this.

While I was sitting on the I-40, a "motorized robot" (as opposed to, what other kind of robot?) was spraying the alleged bomb with water. Really? Really? THAT's your solution? A pressure washer. But my favorite line in the article is this: "The device turned out to not be an explosive device.  It appears to be some foam that was wrapped up together, possibly something that fell off of a vehicle or something."

You know. Or something.

Something that turned my 10 minute commute into a 70 minute fiasco involving me (and several other cars) exiting the highway via an on ramp and driving the wrong way on the shoulder of NC 54. Which, I can't really complain about. I'd rather they take this stuff seriously and it be nothing than someone manage to detonate a dirty bomb because no one was paying attention.

Meanwhile, look what else they found on a different road in Durham.


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Anonymous said...

End of an era----but beginning of a new one-----

and no matter what---the memories remain- - - - -

Ugh! B & B's bombs and body

Enjoy Carol