Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Back to work today. It was one crazy, busy-ass day. And of course I had to run out in the middle to get my mom to the hematologist, who was also, of course, running late. I ended up bringing several hours of work home, which I finally just finished.

Whew. What a day.

And oddly enough (and believe me, there was plenty of "weird" that I can't talk about on the blog), the weirdest thing, I thought, about today was when the hematologist asked me if I was in a relationship where children were imminent.

I...what? A, um, no I'm not (hello, IUD. And, you know, crappy taste in men). And two...what? What does that have to do with anything? If you think genetic testing is relevant, let's do it. If not, then, why ask me weird questions like that? Especially when I'm like the only one in my world who isn't pregnant right now...

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Anonymous said...

Does it come under "everybody do" meaning everybody else is pregs---you too? ? ?


Hope Mom and dad are coming along nicely.

On the side note----it sounds like "life" is becoming routine.