Sunday, July 11, 2010


What a nice Sunday.

Maggie went to coffee with me this morning, which, she had so much fun playing with the owners' kids (who are like 18 mos and maybe 4 and just the cutest things ever). Our other friend brought her dog as well, but she and Mags didn't seem to care much about each other.

I then spent a good portion of the rest of the day unpacking boxes from the kitchen. I'm not quite done yet, but I made a lot of progress. And the tiny little kitchen? Is rather cozy, it turns out. Plus, we have dishes again. Plates, bowls, glasses, the whole nine yards. And silverware! It's like I actually live here or something. Huh.

Had dinner with the folks, did some laundry, hung out with the dog. Sometimes it's nice to have a fairly boring day..

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Anonymous said...

Oh Yes! Sometimes a boring Sunday ends up not being boring.

The accomplishments at the end of the day are "wordless" and wonderful.

Enjoy Carol