Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tired Thursday

I'm home. I'm exhausted. And I'm going to bed shortly.

I still hate funerals. But, in the spirit of Love Thursday (which I haven't done in a while, I know), here's ten things I loved about this trip:

1. Being surrounded by family. I forget sometimes how much I enjoy them.

2. The fact that we could put the things that have complicated our relationships aside to come together and support each other. It's a shame it sometimes takes a tragedy.

3. How Greeks take at least 30 minutes to say goodbye.

4. How my "little cousins" are growing into such good and thoughtful people.

5. Having a conversation about tutti-frutti naturopathic stuff with my cousin while sitting at her kitchen table eating chocolate covered espresso beans.

6. Feeling like at least some of my family has started thinking of me as an adult (even if, in that context, I don't always).

7. Time to think while driving through beautiful scenery.

8. Satellite radio.

9. How well my folks did. Also how well they did with Mags.

10. That I have awesome people back home who could hold down the fort and let me be gone for three days on a day's notice.


Anonymous said...

Means 10 good things about life, family and friends!

What more could one ask---except to 'continue' those good things each day ---with a couple of adjustments--like driving and radio availability.

Funny---us germans ( that's me I guess ) and americans---take 30 minutes or longer to say goodbye too. We just don't want "IT" to end. And sunday will be one of those days for me---I am not leaving but they are- - - -

Enjoy Carol

lisagoodwin said...

Something so sad can have such hidden blessings, can't they?

When a long-lost-friend's mom died, I just decided to forget all "that had happened before" and showed up at the funeral. To this day (4 years?) we've never addressed the before, and we probably never will. And we're good.

Take advantage of this good. It's nice.