Saturday, July 10, 2010


I totally passed out when I got home last night. So why was I up at 5:45 this morning? (I'm going to try not to repeat that tonight...)

Yesterday was long. I spent the day wearing too many hats. My hats, Cleo's hat, it was just a lot. But the day ended well - I managed to get out for dinner last night with Chandra and her boyfriend, Sonia, and Scott (who, incidentally, is now completely hooked on the afore-mentioned fiction author. I might love that just a little bit). We went to this South American place in North Durham. The food was great, the company better. It was a nice ending to a crazy week. Seriously. How does a short work week feel so damn long?

Today was also excellent. Coffee until NOON (awesome). Played the Wii for a while. Unpacked a bit of my kitchen (I have dishes again. Although, still no silverware). And then I picked up my folks and we met my aunt, uncle, cousin, and future cousin-in-law for dinner at this Greek restaurant nearby. It was delightful. My cousin's fiancee is hilarious. He's a good addition to the family.

They're getting married in India at the end of the year. I'm trying to figure out a way to get there for the festivities, but they might be cost prohibitive. We'll see what creative accounting I can come up with...

I love weekends.


Anonymous said...

Yay! Your friend Scott----saw the 'light" in his reading life.

Sounds like a great week has passed and on to future ones just as good.

Enjoy Carol

penguinshrink said...

Sounds like you had fun while I was at the big house. Which one is the South American place? Sounds like it might be in my neck of the woods.

(Also, my verification word is "entsiti", which sounds like "intensity" to me...)