Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Told you I needed more weekend

So we had a lovely day on Consults - remarkably quiet for the first week of July (when all the newbies hit the floors in the rest of the hospital) and the first day following a three day weekend. But hey, we'll take it. I'm doing this Junior Attending thing right now, since we don't have any clear leadership on the team (the old primary attending went off to grad school; the new one doesn't start until Monday), which means the new third years are staffing with me and then I staff the consults with the actual attending du jour. It's kind of neat, actually. One of the residents who just graduated was in this role for us last month, and it was a huge help. But he also commented how useful it was for him, that it made you think about things differently to look at it as the attending and to talk through it with the junior resident. He wasn't wrong. This whole Junior Attending thing is now built into the Child Fellowship, too, and I think that's a good thing.

Also nice, the kids took the pager and threw me out around 3:30. I was stoked, because my house is still a big big pile of boxes. So I was all going to come home, unpack, make some progress....go me, right?

Yeah. I fell asleep.


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Anonymous said...

Everything sounds GOOD

and it's wordless wednesday

which translates everything is


except for the "excessive heat and a sick hubbie.

Enjoy Carol