Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rock Lobster

Today the stuff arrived from Chicago. I'm totally exhausted. The move that was supposed to be over around noon turned into a nine-hour chaotic affair. Stuff is missing. Stuff was busted. Not the least issue - they forgot to put the beds on the truck. But a lot of stuff made it just fine. My house is much more full of very nice things, not the least of which is a real bedroom set (well, most of of the dressers was broken and then erroneously ended up in storage. But regardless, it's the first time I've had a dresser in, like, five years) and my great-grandmother's piano.

I also acquired one hell of a sunburn standing outside directing the movers. I'm a total lobster. It's really unfortunate...

Nonetheless. I'm so very grateful to all the people who helped pack, and especially to Robin and Claudia, Brett, Ali, and Jer, for being so un-fucking-believably awesome. Love you guys.

More tomorrow. Did I mention the exhaustion?


penguinshrink said...

Keep the bill of lading and the inventory, then when you have an idea of what all is broken or missing, call the number at the top to ask for the claims department. We're still working through this process for the stuff that came from my parents.

Anonymous said...

If you play------take a break----and sit down at grandmother's paino, play it or look at it and 'pet ' it.

and then----lobsters must get back to what lobsters do.

enjoy Carol