Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bittersweet day

So, it's a day of good things, and one particularly sad thing.

First, the good. Today is both Claudia's birthday AND Annie's birthday.

Claudia, I'm reasonably certain is 29 (still).

Happy birthday to you both. Love you both, miss you both. Hope it was a great day.

In less happy news, my friend's 15 year-old completely awesome black Lab died. Barney was a good friend. He purred - no kidding! It was the darnedest little noise he'd make when you scratched his belly. And you could not leave a glass of beer unattended long, and especially not on the coffee table. Love you, too, Barnes. Have fun chasing squirrels in heaven.


Anonymous said...

Aw! It means the Good, Bad but not ugly.

Barney---say hello to our Rocky a yellow lab and our Girleepup aa stray border collie who hung around to take care of us and kept all the "Moles" out of our yard.

Enjoy up there you guys

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, and I am sorry for your loss.