Tuesday, September 29, 2009


What a long day.

I meant to go to bed at 8 last night. I tried to go to bed at 8 last night. Things kept happening, the phone kept ringing, and I got to sleep around 1am. I then promptly woke up at 4 with a completely evil migraine. And subsequently cancelled with my trainer so that I did not vomit on her shoes at 5:30am.

But, I got my ass to work. The pain had more or less subsided (after a handful of Motrin), but I was still having weird visual things and was right queasy. It was a rough day. Crazy people, lots of yelling. One of my clinic patients needed to be admitted. I still made it out roughly at 5(ish) and got a bit of reading done before my class tonight.

Class, however, was late, but very enjoyable. It's on Freud, right, and Freud's models of the mind. Tonight's topic was his three lectures on parapraxis - more commonly known now as "Freudian slips." We had a good academic discussion, but we also had a good bit of storytelling and anecdotal humor. Not the least of which was this:


Julie said...

I am having one of those nights tonight..where I should have been in bed at 9..but here it is 10:30 and I am still blogging...why do I do this to myself???

Anonymous said...

Freudian Slips------humor in our lives these days is A MARTHA STEWART GOOD THING.

My migration friend arrived and non-stop talking ---oh what fun----not knitting but quilting.

take care Carol