Saturday, September 19, 2009

How is half my weekend gone?

I wanted to be in bed over an hour ago. ::sigh::...

I slept in this morning (until 8). Went to Starbucks and did some work. Spent an hour there before I actually DID any work. Stopped for lunch, came home, and sorted through the nearly 800 photos that I took last weekend. Copied, sorted, filed, uploaded, annotated. I was pleased. Then Peng and I went to wine tasting (always a good time) and had dinner at this new Italian place which was overwhelmingly mediocre. Home, a bit of futzing....and a lot of wondering where the heck today how is it 11 pm?

Could I have a bit more weekend, please?

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Anonymous said...

I'll take more weekend too!

Great idea to get your patients to knit----even stitch.