Tuesday, September 15, 2009


It was such a long day. Crazy, lots of running around, lots of fighting with the neurology service, of all things. Actually made it out right around 5 and had a little time to do most of the reading for my class tonight. Class was a lot of fun; good discussions, rousing debate, wonderful collegiality, and a little bonus girl talk with Mikhela afterwards. My trainer kicked my ass this morning. My sunburn is blistering, and Peng has been kind enough to help me keep my back slathered in this fancy yogurt after-sun lotion that is essentially tzatziki sauce in a Korres bottle.

But I'm still not quite caught up with my sleep from the weekend. And I was sleep deprived before that. So, in the absence of any significant or substantive posting, I will instead give you another gratuitous beach photo. This one is from sunrise on Sunday.

Tomorrow's Wordless Wednesday? My very favorite picture of the whole set.


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