Thursday, November 19, 2009

Long ass week

So, I sit down at my computer tonight to write something bloggy, and I find yesterday's post...still waiting....hadn't published. Guess it decided not to. Bleh.

So, there it is.

Meanwhile, read this story.

This case has been in my periphery for a while, although I didn't know it. I'm glad they found her and the families involved can have closure. And I hope her husband gets a really big, really sadistic cellmate.

And did you hear Oprah's retiring her talk show in 2011? That might actually be a sign of the apocalypse. Maybe we should be worried about 2012....

I've gotten a fair amount of bad news in the past couple of days. And did I mention, Monday I was sick with this URI thing. Tuesday, my left knee gets all swollen and sore. I don't think the two are related, but I'm really annoyed by both. I don't actually remember doing anything to said knee...'s something a little happier...

Also happy? Tomorrow's Friday!!

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Anonymous said...

I am grumpy too!