Friday, November 20, 2009


(Apparently that means "tired" in Southern)

I'm so freakin' tired. It's been a long effing day, and I can't even thing straight enough to come up with something clever to say.

(Except I do find it notable that I originally wrote that as "strait". As in, jacket....clearly a sign that I need one...)

So, here's something to amuse you, care of Barb. A little gross, kind of juvenile, and really, really freakin' funny.


robin said...

another one that my mom and i use a lot is "tard"...

yes, the same sound as retarded, but with a distinct southern accent. a friend of mine from the cuhntry says it that way. it is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

to add to Robin's-------how about the guy's name Brett

as in Br--et---t! ! ! Yeup THREE SYLLABLES

of course you could "carry" your best friend over to Starbucks this morning for coffee and enjoy her conversation!!!!

and after your coffee you can go over to Penny;s and "wag" that gift you are returning for a different color.

love it love it

penguinshrink said...

You may want to check out an elderly book called "How to Speak Southern" (