Sunday, November 08, 2009


Well, we haven't had a good Friday Fragments post in a while...and yes, I know it's Sunday...but nonetheless....
I am now completely caught up on my discharge summaries. Which is helpful, because I was about to get suspended for delinquency. Which...I have to say...I think is completely ridiculous. I take good care of patients. And they're going to suspend me for paperwork. I mean really though....
I still have two weeks' worth of clinic notes to do, however. All that damn patient care gets in the way, you know?
Maggie and I went to the Cook Out for dinner tonight. I live right behind it and every now and then the smell gets the best of me and I cave. That's some good stuff, man. What was even funnier was that I put Maggie in the back seat of the car instead of in the way back, which is her spot. Because it was easier, and we were literally going like two blocks. I had to pick her up and put her in the back seat (she jumps readily into the cargo area), and she refused to walk up into the front seat to get out. Wouldn't budge, just kept standing there in the back seat looking at me through the window with this pleading, "don't leave me here!!!" kind of stare. One foot in front of the other, pup...
There's a show coming up on National Geographic Channel called Search for the Amazon Headshrinkers. It claims to be about a tribe in the Amazon jungles who still practice the shrinking of their enemies' heads. I think, though, that if you based it purely on the title, this search could end in my office.
I FINALLY unpacked the new vacuum cleaner I bought like two months ago to replace the one that died about then. I vacuumed up a whole new dog today. Not to mention about a jillion little dead bug carcases. I even pulled out the little tools and did the stairs. Meanwhile, my floors may be cleaner, but my allergies are through the roof...
This was on my radio this morning. I cracked up.

(And ps, what horrible videography we had back then...)

Such a throwback. I love my satellite radio.
I'm so completely appalled at what happened at Ft. Hood. And have so much to say about it. I'm hoping to finish that post later this week.
I'm the ECT resident this month, right? So two weeks ago, I get really lost wandering around the second floor. They do ECT in the main OR procedure room, which is at the back of the PACU. Which I finally found, and had a panic attack walking through post-op. Which is when I realized I hadn't been back in an OR since the Emerald Palace.
I got over it.

It turns out I really like doing ECT.
Look! Here's a picture of my cute dog....

Yeah, it's time for bed........


Anonymous said...

Randomness Reply:

My Bears suck!!!!!! My granddaughter is right! I won't even discuss it with her this weekend.

But maybe the Bulls will be a 'spoonfill" of medicine and make it be better.

Need to talk to the Pro about my NANNER SOCKS pattern in knitting. I think I may be suffering from SBC's-----Senior Brain Cramp

Making my shopping list for our trip up to Lorna's---Jewel for yummy food----Fannie May -candy-----Starbucks coffee while knitting with group---Clarks shoes
you get the idea!

Do you read these replies?

Mags looks terrific!

Enjoy Carol

Allison said...

I still know all the words to Ice Ice Baby, and I proudly sing along when it flips on my iPod. Yeah, it's on my iPod :)

Dubai Jazz said...

What happened at FT Hood is really appalling. I don't know what else to say...

p.s. you dog looks awesome!