Thursday, November 26, 2009


It's Thanksgiving.

AND it's Thursday. (I know, I know, Thanksgiving always is.)

So in the spirit of both, here are ten things I'm very grateful for.

1. The amazing and awesome people in my life. Some are near, some are close only in spirit but I really do count a lot of very, very wonderful people among my friends and family.

2. Although I've spent holidays with Maggie before and find that to be generally fine, I'm incredibly grateful for the good company I had tonight. Eva and her family welcomed me into their home today, along with Sparrow, Bernie, and Liam (who were also orphans today). We had a wonderful time. And look, there were favors:

Cute, huh?

3. As annoying as working the holiday weekend may be, I'm glad I got this one, because I'm going to be able to go home for both Christmas and New Year's, I think.

4. White chocolate peppermint mochas, and the best friend who introduced me to them.

5. The amazingness and wonder of children. I'm really looking forward to seeing my assorted nieces and nephews in a month.

6. Being a third year resident. Because you know I never thought I'd make it to second year.

7. Warm sun. Brisk fall days and rustling leaves. Softly falling snow. The smell of spring.

8. That there are things in the south that bloom this time of year. It's very cool.

9. The world's most adorable, most wonderful, smartest, cutest dog.

10. This crazy, messed-up, hilarious, dysfunctional, totally amazing life that I lead.

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Anonymous said...

Ten things to be grateful for----are only a "mere drop in the bucket" to be thankful for. There is not enough room and time to list all the other hundreds.

One thing for me is I am still alive and kicking--because I have lived past the age of most of my family and relatives who passed too early in their lives. Perhaps somethings in the "genes" changed.

There is more---but I am sure you get the idea.

LOVE THE TURKEY FAVOR Absolutely delightful. Wonder what they would have for Christmas. My kind of "thingee"

Home for Christmas---part of a wonderful song ( my generation type) will be another grateful thing for you. Hooray.

Enjoy Carol