Monday, November 02, 2009

How is it Monday again?

Seriously. And what a Monday it was.

People are so irritating. I spent a while in Mikaela's office today ranting about this. Particularly about how freaking annoying I find men who can't quite get the idea that sometimes, other people know better than they do, or see things differently than they do, or whatever, and just because that person's a woman doesn't mean you're any less awesome and manly and virile.

I hate that politicking nonsense. Go stroke your own ego. I have patients to take care of.

Get a therapist. Hell, get a hooker. Whatever works. I don't care, just get out of my way.

But in better news, I got some quality girl time with my aunt tonight since my uncle was out of town. We ate breakfast pizza for dinner (crescent roll crust, with scrambled eggs, potatoes, cheese, etc on top, made like a pizza) and looked at pictures online of Saturday's soiree and it was very very nice.

Meanwhile...I'm going to bed...maybe when I wake up, people will stop being stupid.

(It could happen. Don't crush my delusions. It's just mean.)


robin said...

i'm gonna go to sleep and pray for the same thing. i just hope that tomorrow i don't have a dude in my office pulling out his own tooth.

Anonymous said...

Tuesday morning hello!

And happy to inform you that all the stupid men have gone on a trip to some very important events and activities.

Way is clear for a great week.
Enjoy Carol