Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Good night out

Peng and Chef fed us well tonight. It was sort of an impulsive thing - Chef had pork belly and needed people to help eat it. Cleo, Mike, and Matt rose to the challenge. I came along and ate salad (really freaking good salad). And butternut squash. And - wait for it - brussel sprouts.

It was a long ass, exhausting day. So the evening of good company, good food, and good wine was a welcome nightcap.

I really like my friends. I know that's kind of an obvious statement, but it often strikes me...I have good people around me (literally and in spirit). And that's pretty awesome.

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Anonymous said...

On the eve of this special holiday-----your blog is so appropriate-----gving thanks for such good friends.

Enjoy Enjoy

and thank you for your blogging.