Monday, November 23, 2009

More good advice

Get comfy. Put your feet up. Snuggle in under a light blanket.

Then? Read this.

I love this little article so much.

I absolutely think this is the way our society should work. Or maybe I'm really a displaced European. But I think I would do much better day to day (and maybe, someday, I will) with a diurnal sleep cycle. Or at least a little nap in the afternoon.

Then again, maybe it's my totally exhausting 70 hour a week job and a culture of residency that doesn't value sleep much at all (although, I concede, my program is better than most).

So, given that? I'm going to go knit a little longer...and then I'm going to bed early...

(Thanks, robin, for sharing.)


Anonymous said...

Born to Nap! ! ! My Mom missed the nap boat when she was growing me-

Not here!!!!

Need a nice story about the "eager beavers" who hardly ever sleep! ! !

That is me! But being an EB is OK with me.

Enjoy that knitting---soothing Carol

Julie said...

I have been addicted to napping for many years...actually..if napping was an Olympic sport..I would nap for the USA!