Sunday, November 01, 2009

Falling back

It's November!!

Today was one of those weekend days when I need another weekend. Coverage today was fine; there were some glitches, but, it wasn't super horrible. I still haven't finished my ECT consult notes, but, I'll get them in the morning. Because right now? Bed. I got four hours of sleep last night, even with the time change.

Tony and Cleo's was a heck of a good time last night, though. It was the usual crew - Sparrow (who is in yesterday's posted picture, twirling with a sparkler, with a sloooow shutter speed) was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz; completely adorable. Rene was a very tall and kickass She-Ra. Tony was a cop, Cleo wore a jingly elf costume. Faye was Lady Gaga. Ruthie wore her Naughty Nurse costume we actually bought for her last year (I forget why she didn't come...). Eva was a pregnant nun (she's very gravid at the moment), and her husband was a vicar. May and her boyfriend came as Bugs Bunny (her costume was awe-some) and Elmer Fudd. Veronica was Ugly Betty. We had a pair of bees (Fritz and his wife. She had a real costume, Fritz had face paint and a shirt that said, "Bee"), an awesome 80s hair band rocker, a belly dancer. Wayne's brother and friend came as Bernie Madoff and the Sham-Wow guy, respectively. I? Went as Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love, passion, and opportunist costumes (I repurposed my bridesmaid's dress from Peng's wedding). But I do think the best costume of the evening was Scott, who came as a remarkably accurate Sigmund Freud.

Seriously. Nothing in the world more fun than a room full of drunken psychiatrists.

There were lots of fun pictures, including a bunch of sparkler-related hilarity. There was good food, good conversation, and good people. You can't ask for much more in an evening.

But it was a late evening. And of course today I got up at 5 and went in to work. I left there around 10 and went to Starbucks and wrote notes until 2, because they're painting and sanding in our clinic, which does not mix well with my allergic, asthmatic self. And then I went to Whole Paycheck and was on my way home to do laundry and consult notes and Peng called, so I stopped by their new house (AMAZING!!!!) and saw pictures from their honeymoon, and my "I'll stay for a half hour" turned into me staying for three hours. But, again - good company, good people. What can you do?

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Anonymous said...

Of course---what you do is enjoy your friends----pictures---and new home.

Those Halloween pics are fantastic. I find it amusing that the schools no longer allow "halloween parties, costumes" for the little kids for a number of reasons. Take your choice. Trick or treating is controlled ( I know I know --it has to be) due to the weirdos out in the world today.

BUT THE HILLARIOUS THING IS: adults have a BLAST, BALL, WONDERFUL TIME with costumes, games and whatever.

Have a good week------Carol