Thursday, March 18, 2010

Less stuck

I finally made it home (it's quarter to 11), safe and sound. And don't worry, sadly enough there was no TWD involved in the last post. It was a lot of typing while parked on the I-40 (they do a lot of road construction at night, here, which is great during rush hour. Less great when you're stuck for-EVER when you don't expect to be and are already getting home late).

Maggie was excited. And I so totally love our dog sitter. I left him a note that today was her birthday and she was nine; he wrote back saying she got extra treats and he sang her happy birthday.

She really is the best dog ever. It worries me that she's getting up in years. Not that she knows that, so don't tell her. She still acts like a crazy puppy.

One of my patients had a great moment in therapy today. It was really phenomenal. 

Sparrow is an aunt!! Her little niece hatched today. She's very cute in pictures. Sparrow's flying south tomorrow to snuggle her in person. I'm a tiny bit jealous.

Oh! And! Today was Match Day, so we got a whole crop of new soon-to-be-interns. I think we got a really good group of incoming colleagues.

Tonight was also my last Mindfulness class. That course wound up being better than I expected from the first few sessions. It turned out to be an interesting bunch. I wish it had been a few weeks longer, because I feel like we were just starting to really hit our dynamic.

Today was actually kind of rough, but on the whole, I kept being reminded that I have really good people in my life. Which is what I'm choosing to take away from today.


Anonymous said...

Life can be very good---and it sounds like you are on track enjoying and appreciating all it has to offer----friends, collegues, family, pets.

With the help of this wonderful technology ---have connected up with two generations of family "after" me and LIFE is good. Those wishes to Aunt Carol ( who is really their 4th cousin) was truly appreciated.

And one of "my wishes" would be for all of us to be able to live in the same area----so those younger generations would have the same kind of opportunity to develop the kind relationships I had with their parents and of course grandparents.

But alas----life is still good---
Enjoy Carol

Tiny Tyrant said...

Maggie, Maggie, Maggie! Happy woofday from Scrat.