Friday, March 12, 2010


So I had this great blog post all composed in my head...which I then decided to rest on my pillow for "just a moment" at 8:30 or so...and then promptly fell asleep with about half the lights in the whole world on in my apartment and before I actually ate any dinner. I woke up about 4h later all concerned about having to get up for work in just a few short hours, when I realized...wait...

Either way, though, I'm going back to bed, y'all.

Whew. What a week.


penguinshrink said...

Good on you for napping.

My verification word is "surre" (like, "sure you took a nap...")

Anonymous said...

Did you say crazy week? Is the moon out, world tilted on its axis, no more coffee around or what! ! !

North, east, south and west----all crazy! ! !

Tomorrow is Sunday and a new week. Yay! and enjoy Carol