Friday, March 26, 2010


So, a couple of months ago, I recognized that I had some unaccounted-for vacation time. And I originally had planned on taking it all the first two weeks of July (because I'm off cycle, and have to start 18 days after everyone else, and this pisses me off so I was going to go be pissed off at the beach or something before fellowship started). But then I got talked into being the JAR on Consults the first week of July, since there's a lot of transition going on right then, and was like, huh. So when to use this...

And over the past couple of weeks, a few happenstance things aligned just so, such that I'm now working one day next week - Friday, for which I get a comp day, because it's Good Friday.

I am so...freakin....oh, holy cow, do I need some time off right now.

I'm going to hang out with friends. Clean my house. Write notes. Get my oil changed. Take Mags to the groomer. Maybe even get a haircut.

And apparently, I'm going to celebrate the start of Staycation by staying up until 1:30am playing Wii.

That does sort of seem appropriate, doesn't it?

Pardon me, now, if you would. I need to go get started on sleeping in tomorrow (although, I actually have a lot to do tomorrow. Perhaps I should've started celebrating a bit later...).


Anonymous said...

Ask and ye shall receive!

A stacation for you---sometimes it is a good thing.

Think of all the knitting you can do---while sitting outside on your (?) patio, porch cause nice weather is being sent from this west to your east.

Or maybe organize your pictures---or maybe sleep---sleep---sleep

Enjoy Enjoy Carol

Julie said...

I love that you're having a stay-cay! I'll be having one in May but it will also involve me way not relaxing...but I am hiring movers!