Monday, March 08, 2010

You can't fix stupid

So I'm in Starbucks yesterday.

And there's this guy.

Who, incidentally, appears to be the LOUDEST PERSON ON EARTH.

And he's talking to the barista, who is a fairly recent immigrant, but works at Starbucks, so has good health care (they have GREAT benefits). And the LPOE is going on and on about what crap it is that the government wants to take ALL OF OUR HARD EARNED MONEY and give it to people who refuse to work. I roll my eyes a little...and he of course keeps going. Damn those Democrats. All they want to do is take money from working people and give people health care. He's totally against this, as someone who works. And, you know, health care is just fine.

I so wished I'd brought my iPod and could turn it up right then.

Listen, people. Health care is fine for many. Health care is NOT fine for the people that ACTUALLY need it. Medicare and Medicaid are disastrous. Private third-party payers are exploitative. Nobody gives a damn about the people that can't afford their medications or can't get the care they need because they're not people who matter anyway - you know, like old people, poor people, sick people, actual disabled people, etc.

And let me tell you, people don't even want to talk about the mentally ill.

Really, some people in this country would be just so much happier if the above demographics would simply go away. But they won't. These are the people that need support. These are the people that suck the money out of our system, yes - because we set it up in such a wasteful way, not because they themselves set out to do so. These are the people that no one wants to consider until it's a member of their own families - or worse, they themselves - who become part of that demographic. Then, then they're outraged. And suddenly find themselves shouting at the bottom of a deep, dark well.

And then they get why those of us in the trenches are constantly looking worn down, haggard, and jaded.

Health care reform isn't an option. The system must change, it will change, and we'd damn well better step it up to figure out how to change it into something that works before it implodes.

Over the past year or two, I've been completely bewildered by the "controversy" about health care reform. Really? Is this a question? What the hell is wrong with Capitol Hill?

And then, today, I read this.

And became a little more outraged, and a little more jaded...


Danielle said...

Honey, that's nothing compared to the old preacher friend of mine who spewed hate on his facebook page about healthcare reform and then decided that I am not really a Christian and even a satan worshipper after I decided to intelligently debate him on it. His argument was that people shouldn't look for free hand outs from the government. When people get sick, instead, they should believe in God for healing instead of begging for all their bills to be paid for them. Because if you really had faith, you would be healed you know.

I don't know if they still do, but Republicans have always been in favor of big tax breaks for churches. This is why churches are so hardcore Republican. I don't believe it has anything to do with "family valiues". That's a front so the churches don't have to admit it's about money. As a result, they become Republican at ALL costs, even if it means ditching the idea of being a Good Samaritan.

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penguinshrink said...

In all fairness, Palin was getting Canadian healthcare "up to the age of 6". Yes, she absolutely benefitted and she's a big ole' hypocrite, but she had no choice in the matter at the time.