Friday, October 23, 2009

Bloggage claim

Check out this nonsense - I'm in the Honolulu airport, in the middle of a three hour layover from Maui. And I'm blogging by phone. Well, via the web browser on my phone. It's not the most pleasant way to enter text, given my annoying Blackberry touchscreen and the fact that the text just keeps going in one long line, but hey, what else have I got to do right now?

I'm fairly sad to be leaving Hawaii, as one might guess. I can't believe it's been two weeks already. Spending that much time contained with my parents (or anyone, for that matter) always has its moments, but overall it's always good to spend real time with them. I'm starting Monday as the ECT consult resident, which means I have only three patients on the unit, but also that I have off-site clinic responsibilities and have to do any ECT consults, plus there's the expectation that I actually go do ECT a couple of times a week. Which, is all fine, of course, but is just more responsibility to deal with, ultimately. Plus, have I mentioned recently how I find Hawaiian culture fascinating? I'd love to have a little more time out here to investigate that more.

All lovely, valid reasons to not want to leave. Plus, I seem to have contracted some random, smoldering stomach bug over the last couple of days. Believe me, my immune system and I are going to have words about coming down with that when I'm doing this super awesome, 20-hour, five-flight extravaganza.

But, I have to go home sometime. I still have work and notes and whatnot to do tomorrow (er, Sunday) that I couldn't get done on the trip because of limited wifi. I really miss my dog, who probably thinks I'm never coming back. And, you know, as much as I've enjoyed the time away, there's a reason I have the job I do. It'll be nice to get back into the routine.

Well, the Blackberry typing has sufficiently annoyed me enough that I'm going to shut up now and go knit a while. See y'all on the flip side.

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Anonymous said...

Sad and glad all at same time!!!!

and you are to be commended for blogging, texting and whatever else it is called to share with us.

Knitting is mental theraphy-----it is for me---along with my stitchery.

Go for it. and hope you feel OK on your trip home.

Enjoy Carol