Friday, October 02, 2009


Today was...wait for it....long.

I got to work around 6:30am. Of course, my 7am patient cancelled while I was on my way in. So I putzed. I wrote a discharge summary. I wandered around and talked to people. I burned pictures onto a CD for Mikaela. I fussed with the patient distribution on the unit ("No, if you give him to me and her to him and then the right resident will have an open spot for the patient who's coming in and needs to be on that service..."). I did some actual doctoring.

One of my patients fell last night, which turned into a 4-hour fiasco for me trying to get him down for a procedure he was supposed to have today (nobody read the xrays. And then they wouldn't take him. And then they decided ortho needed to see him. And he needed an MRI. Except ortho was like, "That's crap." And on and on...). I had a new patient to see. I got interviewed for some graduate students' research thing. I had supervision with my new psychotherapy supervisor, whom I like very, very much. He's like a million years old and this totally old-school analyst, and just knows, like, everything. And is much more constructive than critical when I screw something up (which I always do, because, that's the nature of being human). I appreciate that.

Scott called me an "invited nuisance" today. I had stuff to leave on his officemates' desks, so I knocked, and no one answered, so I opened the door and went in. Because I do that in their office. And of course, he was like, uh, you're in my office. I said, yeah, sorry, I'm intruding (notice that I did not actually stop intruding...). He countered that I was welcome to do so, which sort of made it hard to intrude, what with my being invited and all. So, really, I was more of an invited nuisance. I observed that this might say something about those who invited me.

The whole thing cracked me up, because, this is what Scott and I do. He tries to push my buttons, and generally fails (outwardly, at least, because I can actually tolerate a lot of button-pushing), which makes it more of a challenge to find my buttons. Which amuses me, and this continues. And, notably, on the couple of rare occasions he's actually found a button, if it's a significant button, he backs the hell off. We're both a bit contrary, so this whole thing is not especially bothersome to me. Mikaela, however (one of said officemates), does not tolerate these tendencies of his very well at all. So I'm relaying the above story to her later, and she just sort of rolls her eyes and says, "I think that's actually a term of endearment. Seriously."

Most people would go more with something like "friend" or "hon" or "pookie." I'm just sayin'.

One of the patients coded today on our unit. Don't ever try to die on a psych floor. It doesn't go well. Fortunately, there happened to be a bunch of consultants on the unit at the time. And a giant pile of people show up for an actual Code Blue. And ultimately, she was fine (and on her way to the medical side of the hospital). But it was way more excitement than we're used to having up there.

Did I mention the day was really, really long?

But, it was capped off with a Girls' Night Out - Peng and some of our wine friends went out for dinner at a local fondue place. The food was overpriced and not spectacular, but the company was awesome. We had so much fun we scared our waiter a little.

He was pretty hot, actually. And has a degree in mechanical engineering. And currently stirs cheese for a living. So, really? Between the two of us...I kinda think he had the worse day.


Anonymous said...

Girly things are nice- - - -

Fun things and friends are nice- -

My girly and things this week have been VERY NICE- - - - -

Now friend leaving this morning for Fla--leaving behind laughter, "work" from teaching me things in quilting- - - -

oh yeah and a purse to KNIT using quilt cloth.

enjoy Carol

Dubai Jazz said...

"invited nuisance". isn't that a little... peculiar? I don't know about the buttons pushing game between docs, but I'd cautiously say it's an endearment, probably not very professional. Maybe a way of hitting on female colleagues? :)

DK said...

DJ - we're psychiatrists - by definition a peculiar bunch! And our group is generally pretty social. We work such long hours together, and with this bunch of personalities, it's hard to be very formal.

As for the button pushing...yeah, that's kind of what I'm hoping! ;-)