Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Maui no ka 'oi.

So we're on Maui.

It was one long-ass and arduous day. Somehow the inter-island flight was more hassle than the trans-Pacific one. And, the TSA stole my mustard.

But my day started out very lovely. I got up before dawn (because I do this) and hoofed it down to Waikiki Beach, which is a mere 6 blocks or so from our condo in Honolulu, and yet, I hadn't made it down there through the whole week. So I wandered over there this morning, and spent like two hours taking 700 or so pictures of surfers, and sunrise, and water, and then after while I just started shooting people (in a snap, snap kind of way, otherwise you'd be hearing about this on the news instead of on my blog). I tend mostly to take environmentals; I'm all about depth of field and perspective shots and still life, I think because this is what translates best from my brain to my lens. Which at this point is mostly a matter of skill, which is of course a matter of experience. So I've decided I need to spend more time shooting action and people and life life.

I sat for a while at the beach and then on a street corner and just watched people. I tried to stop thinking technically and start thinking with my grander sense of life, my more ineffable, artistic sense. And I got some pretty darn good shots. And had a very good time feeling more connected to humanity in general.

The rest of the day was a series of fiascoes. Did I mention that the TSA STOLE MY DAMN MUSTARD?

So, I'm giving up and going to bed. Fortunately for me, my parents were very kind and let me have the bedroom with a window, which happens to be the "master" bedroom (there's some feeling that I may have earned the upgrade, but that's another story for another day). So I'm going to go take advantage of that...


Danielle said...

Have a safe trip home

Anonymous said...

Hey, Where's the Beef---mean pics?

Life Life! that person who STOLE your mustard- - - - - -get him on your pictures---with a number under chin- - - -

besides beautiful scenery---what else is on Maui?

Found any yarn shops ----or maybe quilt shops?

Enjoy enjoy enjoy Carol

Tiny Tyrant said...

Stay away from Kihei - shark attack there yesterday. Hope you get to go to Hana - it's beautiful.