Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wordless...or, you know, not...

My folks and I drove up the coast today, circled back and hit the Pali lookout, then doubled back towards Pearl City. I kept stopping and shooting like 100 pictures at a time. I shot a total of 600 or so (well, since we got here, but mostly today).

But do you think I remembered to put the SD card back in my netbook before I came to Starbucks to check email? ::sigh::

Tomorrow. Pictures. Really.

This morning started out kind of poorly. I got an email from my dog sitter saying that my electricity had been turned off. So, apparently, when we thought we'd fixed the billing problem last month, we were mistaken. Fine, fine, so I tried again to pay it online, and couldn't get my bank card to work, which I discovered was because my apartment complex cashed both the check they said they lost as well as the check I wrote them because I lost the first one. And apparently, also, Gomer's former employer (he got a new job when the gym closed) has started billing me for my training contract again, despite the fact that I was told it was nullified in May.

Do you know how hard it is to handle that sort of shit from like 5000 miles away?

But we got it taken care of. Or, at least the power is turned back on. And apparently Bank of America will credit back the check amount (although not the resultant overdraft fee, bastards). I'll deal with the gym tomorrow.

(PS - Rod Stewart's "Maggie May" is playing here in the Starbucks, which is of course the song that gave my dog her middle name (although we spell it Mae). I miss my dog.)

And the day got better. We piled in the Subaru and wandered around, as I said, stopping like every ten feet so I could shoot the equivalent of a couple of rolls of film. I so totally heart digital. And especially my Rebel. I'm still working out the finer points of dSLR photography ("Wait, the f stop means what, again?"), but I'm rather pleased with the results.

And in typical fashion for my family, there was much getting lost and trying to read maps and - Claudia, you'll appreciate this - many, many, many U-turns. Then we came home for naps. I wandered around the main street for a little while, looking for whatever caught my eye, and found a really very neat little pendant that I bargained down to $10. Now I just need to find a chain, but then, I did need a goal for tomorrow...

I fly back a week from tomorrow. I'm a little sad about that, frankly.

Oh, and I need someone to pick me up from the airport. I guess I should start asking people about that....

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Anonymous said...

Good Grief! I guess it is "business" as usual even at 5000 miles away. Course it may be a good thing---cause I would BEAT THEM WITH WORDS AND A WET NOODLE.

Reading maps ugh!! and usually the road, in a city is right in the crack of the map book. But all those U-turns make for a second look at beautiful scenery.

I hope plants and flowers are included in your volumes of pics. I have two orchids I brought in from outside ( it is starting to get cold here) that will be blooming soon.

Describe the pendant------color, a shell, petrified rock or a manufactured one.

I would be glad to pick you up but my "commute" is kind of long.

Enjoy enjoy enjoy Carol