Sunday, October 18, 2009

Guess where I am.

Go on, guess.

Yep, I'm at Starbucks. How I wish we had wifi at the condo. This twice a day habit could be hard to break once I get home.

So today is our last real day on Oahu. There's a tiny plane in my future tomorrow, which will take me to Maui, until Friday, when a tiny plane will bring me back to a series of big ones. A long series of big ones. This makes me sad.

Got up and shot the sunrise this morning at the Somethingwithalotofvowels Blowhole. It was less spectacular than some I've seen, but still quite beautiful. Then came back and napped. Went to Starbucks, wandered a little, ate lunch, napped again. Then the folks and I drove out to Pearl Harbor, although we've been to the memorial before (and it was kind of late to go to the museum), but there was a shopping mall we needed to find. Not that we went into it (well, I did run into the Borders), but mostly my parents wanted to prove that they weren't misremembering it (and the one we went to Thursday, which we thought was it, really, really was not).

So now we're in a different Starbucks. My parents are reading the Sunday Honolulu newspaper. And I've just been informed that my father is a sleepy head, so I guess we'd better get going...

Clearly, he should've followed my lead and napped more today.

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Anonymous said...

Well you know how parents are! Can't trust them a bit to FOLLOW DIRECTIONS and do what is best for themselves.

When you said you ---the last time you went to Hawaii---Mom brought a pork roast ( we had some yesterday for dinner) I figured you had been to to Pearl Harbor. But went again----see anything different, improved, or just the same. Things historical SHOULD NOT BE CHANGED.

Off to Maui and have you been there before?

enjoy even more so Carol