Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dog days

We're tired.

Mags and I had a full day.

I woke up at some ungodly hour of the (weekend) morning went to Lowes and FINALLY returned the blinds that I bought that were an inch too short (I measured. I did. Honest!!). So now I finally have blinds in the living room.

As you can see, progress is being made, since the background for all my pictures is becoming less and less full of boxes. I think I'm actually to the point where tomorrow I may have to clean the living room. It's exciting, actually.

We're still working on the dog door, although I think Mags is finally getting the hang of it. She actually took herself out when I got home tonight. Earlier today, though, I'd shoved her out the little flap and busied myself unpacking until she decided she was ready to come in, which, she's been pretty good about coming in when she's ready, it's the out she's had trouble with. So I'm unpacking and I hear nails clicking on the hardwood, and then crunching in the kitchen. And I called out a semi-aware "Hi baby!"....and then I hear more clicking, and I look up and realize my dog is standing in the doorway to the office. And there's still crunching going on. And as all this is starting to click into place, she goes into the kitchen and there's a little bit of growling. At which point I've come to my senses again enough to yell...


And Little Bit comes strolling into the living room, just pleased as pie, all, "you called?" I laughed my butt off. Apparently Sparrow had let her into my dog run when she saw Maggie, and Maxine promptly came in to see what was on the menu.

They really do crack me up.

Today was not all work, though. Hung out with Sparrow for a while, had dinner with Penguinshrink in town. Food was decent, service was awful, company was lovely. Tomorrow I'm going to have brunch at this reasonably chi-chi place down the way with one of my med students from Neuro. She says she wants to pick my brain about something (I'm guessing residency-related). I think she'd better bring a spoon....

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penguinshrink said...

Service was terrifyingly awful.