Monday, June 30, 2008

But they don't tell you were you can get one...

So here's a classic North Carolina moment. Darn it, I got my plates too late.

It reminds me of, right after I graduated, my little, Midwestern, very conservative, Lutheran liberal arts college started building a new library on an endowment from the Christopher family (Pampered Chef, I think). It's now called the Christopher Center for Library and Information Resources. But it's original name was the Christopher Library for Information and Technology. What's especially funny about that is that they operated under that name until right before it opened, when our school paper refused to print the acronym. Oops.

Have I also mentioned that, early last century, my college was up for sale. The two highest bidders? The Lutheran Church and the KKK.

Dude, the Lutherans were conservative enough. Can you imagine?


So last night was my last State Hospital call EVER. I'm DONE. One more milestone down. I have seven intern calls left, five of which are short calls. Hooray, hooray. Last night wasn't too bad (obviously, from the length of my post). I think I only had three or four admissions, and the floors were pretty quiet. Not that this kept me from tossing and turning when I was in bed, but, whatever. Likely never gonna sleep in that silly bed again.

It's a weird feeling, that when I leave on Wednesday, I'll likely never go back to State Hospital, ever. I know I've said that before (and before that), but this time, I probably mean it. New State Hospital should be open before the damn medical board affords me my permanent license and I get moonlighting privileges. I'm going to miss it. A little. Probably not that much. Which is funny, because when I left there and was about to rotate on service at Big Hospital, I was all, oh, I don't want to leave, I like things the way they are there, I know how it works, everyone says things are so much harder at BH, I don't know what to do over I got over it. I mean, there are some aspects of life at BH that I don't like as much, but on the whole, I'm glad to be spending the rest of my residency there.

So anyhow. I left today and killed some time at Borders, perusing magazines I didn't want to buy (three crappy knitting mags and this month's Cosmo. I ended up buying Southern Living and Psychology Today) and sipping a barista-recommended Mocha Raspberry Kiss (very tasty, the nice gay man was correct. And he gave me extra whip. I so need a gay boyfriend. Not to mention, also, perhaps a straight one). Then I went and saw my shrink, then came home and have been hanging out with the pups. Sparrow's on call, so Maxine's over with us. I had cute puppy pictures to show you, but alas, Blogger wouldn't cooperate. So, maybe tomorrow. The ladies and I have had a long afternoon, but a pleasant one.

I think it's time for us to go to bed...


Tiny Tyrant said...

34 days! Woo Hoo. I'm counting with you!

Dr.VonB said...

Just making sure you were aware of this... Joss... NPH... Nathan Fillion... SINGING.