Saturday, January 12, 2008

My rockin' Saturday night

I'm on call at State Hospital again.

My life is so special.

At least Maggie's having a social life. She managed to get to the doggie day care. She hasn't been there in a while, because they don't open early enough for me to take her there when I'm working at Big Hospital. So we have a dog walker. He's very nice, she likes him an awful lot, and he never says a word about the horrendous mess that is my house (I'm so not exaggerating). But I still think she'd prefer to be with all her puppy friends at the day care. I'm hoping next year she can actually go there as a day care pup once or twice a week.

Only 170 days until "next year".

Tonight is my very last call at State Hospital. Possibly ever, because in theory, they're closing the place before I rotate back here in June. But the way things are going, I'm going to be able to get an attending job here after I graduate (seriously. They have a great loan repayment plan). I'm ready to be done, frankly.

So I think I mentioned that Mike and I switch next week and he starts taking Saturday call here and I start taking Family Medicine call at Big Hospital. FM call is brutal, generally speaking. Mike's gotten 10 admissions or more each time he's been on. Plus the floor pager goes off all the time. You're up all night. It's hectic. It's crazy. And I'm thinking I might actually do better with that.

I was thinking about this today. Psych call here is just about as bad as that. I never sleep. I admit between 10 and 20 people a night, although the "admission" is usually more of a cut and dry process here (basic diagnosis, basic admission orders, rarely anything to follow up, labs are followed up by medicine, etc. Interview 'em, write their orders, get 'em to the floor, you're done). I'm usually here until 11 or noon. And I actually enjoy those calls a heck of a lot more than these medicine calls, where they perpetually call me for stupid things, and these Saturdays have an awful lot of down time. And I'm sure that's also partly because I like doing psychiatry, too. I don't know. Maybe I'm making this up so I'll feel better about starting FM call. I liked Neuro call, too, though, that was actually my favorite - I was usually fairly busy until 11 or 1 or so, and then I went to bed, and usually got some sleep.

I haven't dealt well with my time today. I've been so tired, and I have no idea why. I keep trying to read, I nod off, but can't even get a good nap in because the pager is either going off or I keep worrying about the pager going off. My knitting is going too slowly. I'm just grouchy.

Ooh, but my pager finally went off to say that dinner is here. Maybe that'll make me less grouchy.....

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