Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Long-ass Tuesday

Not that my Tuesdays are going to get any shorter. I signed up for the two Tuesday night courses offered this term by the NC Psychoanalytic Society. They start in two weeks. A full day of clinic and then four hours of class is going to make for some long freakin' Tuesdays.

Today was particularly long, though, although, not wholly unpleasant. I walked to work today...it was one of those days where it's not quite raining enough to really warrant the umbrella, but still enough to get me pretty wet. Naturally our child patient was a half an hour late, and took for-ev-er. Then I had a loooong afternoon clinic. Then I had a therapy patient.

Sparrow says to me, "Huh. You had a kid, psychotics, and a neurotic. It's like the whole spectrum of psychiatry all in one day!" The bird makes a good point.

Then I had to dictate, and fuss, and my very cool pink lamp finally came, so I had to set that up, and I had to futz around for a while, and then I had to be social and stall a little more...and then, of course, I had to walk home again. It rained a little harder this time, but I still went back and forth with the umbrella.

So then I got home, and snuggled with the dog just long enough to get a text message from Faye, who is doing her VERY LAST call at State Hospital tomorrow. Which is just such a milestone, so, hurray for her. And naturally we had to go out and celebrate. So we went to dinner, which was really very nice, even if it did take us until 10:15.

It was very funny....I called her when I got to the restaurant, and I said, "are you here?" She says, yeah, I just walked in. So I go in....and I look around....and I can't find her. And so I call her back, and say, "Are you at the same Chili's I'm at?"

There's a pause...and then she says...."I thought we were going to Red Robin."

We finally managed to get into the same place, though, and we had a very lovely dinner. With dessert. I like friends who eat dessert. It's sort of diagnostic in today's society, you know what I mean?

Anyway. I'm really wiped out.....time for more dog snugglage. It's really fortunate that I don't have to be anywhere until 9 tomorrow....

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