Saturday, August 30, 2008


I finished the Tolerance socks today.

The second sock went amazingly faster than the first. I mean, like, months. I started the first one in, what, January? December? This one took less than a week.

Then again, I had help.

Maxine was over to visit today, she gave me a hand.

Interestingly, you can see a big difference in the two. The second one (right foot) fits a lot better, despite my fiddling and shaping over the back of the ankle on the first. Oh well. The second one does have a tiny hole at the junction of the gusset and the heel flap.

The biggest problem I have is that where the heel flap starts (at the bottom, of course, because they're toe-up), it's weirdly squared. Which kind of pops out a little. Any thoughts on how to fix that??

I'm also thinking I should've done some plain ribbing at the top, and I'm not finding the sewn bind-off to be tremendously flexible.

They also pick up dog hair better than a Swiffer.

But I love the yarn (TinyTyrant may think she won the yarn swap, but I think I definitely came out on top), and I generally really like the pattern. I've started on another pair out of a leftover from the shop, which is probably too thick for the 3s (it's closer to a true worsted weight yarn than a dk weight, which the Royale Hare is, although it doesn't look too much thicker). Although if I can dig my yarn stash out of the pile of boxes in the office, I might do something different. We'll see....


Tiny Tyrant said...

Nice job on the socks honey. I need to post a pick of the gloves I made with my swap yarn. I LOVE THEM!

Anonymous said...

Good Job!!!

Anonymous said...

Dad sugests:

To solve the heal problem learn to knit tube socks.

There, I give you the benefit of all my experiance.