Monday, August 25, 2008

Love Monday

Okay, so I'm a little early this week....

I was having a reasonably rough day. I had to admit one of my clinic patients to the hospital. For a while there, it was - to quote the Bangles - just another manic Monday (did you know Prince wrote that song? I did not). I finished my clinic late. I had to finish the H&P and put in orders for the patient I admitted. I had to just dictate that one....last...note. I ran to the car. I was late to my shrink's. I wandered - starving - around the Whole Foods for a while. And then I got home, and two really cool things were waiting for me. Well, three, if you count the Ben and Jerry's Banana Split ice cream in my shopping bag (seriously! Hadn't tried it, but it's soooooo good!).

One, my dog, right? She's been wandering around unencumbered during the day. She's been SO GOOD. But the best thing is when she realizes I'm home, and comes outside and stands at the gate...until I say, "Come on, meet me inside!" And she takes off like a rocket for the doggie door. Vwoosh! And then practically noses her way through the front door when I open it because it's justsoexciting!!!! that I'm home.

I mean, how can that not make your day?

And two, I had a box on my front door! Squeee! I knew Tiny Tyrant had sent me a present, so, I forced myself to put the groceries away and start dinner (feta and broccoli pizza - yum) before I opened it, or I knew I'd end up eating that pint of ice cream for dinner. So, okay, I got the boring stuff done. And then I peeked inside...

Pretty. There was a nice little card. And then I pulled off the top layer of paper....

....I found a toy for Maggie!! She gets super excited about presents, too.

Then there was a nifty coffee mug. With my old doggie's name on it! I'm sure that's exactly what the Sonoma-based Wolf Coffee folks were thinking when they named their shop back in 1990. Which, okay, Wolfie may actually have been born around the same time. Still. So cool.

And then I pulled off the pink paper...and holy cow!! Look at all this neat stuff!!

I was a little overwhelmed, frankly. I recovered quick.

There was a whole bunch of cool stationary stuff...a date book, these really neat colored pencils, a square journal, a card holder (how'd you know I needed a thing for carrying my new business cards??), nifty sticky notes, a cool pen....and a tiny mini Burt's Bees facial kit.

And of course....there was yarn. Wicked. Cool. Yarn.

This is more of the Royale Hare sock yarn from Santa Rosa, the same company that made the yarn I'm currently using for the Tolerance Socks. It's a sport weight silk/merino blend in Sonoma Spring. So soft. Almost as soft as Maggie. Oh, it's amazing.

And then, then, there were two balls of Koigu KPPPM in, um, color P 714. Koigu has to work on their naming. But the yarn is so awesome. I can't wait to see how it knits up! Except...I can't decide which one to use first!! Oh, the dilemma!! I'll be sure to savor that decision while I'm finishing up my current sock...see? Again with the tolerance.

As I mentioned, Maggie was excited about presents, too...she liked the package from the moment I brought it through the door. Probably because it smelled like Jenn's doggies...and she really liked her bone.

It was good for a game of "fetch", which in our world, translates to, "Kate throws it, and Maggie tackles it, and then trots back all proud of herself, sans toy." And a little nom-ing.

And of course, Miss Mags never disappoints in the goofy picture department...

So darn photogenic, my girl.

THANKS, JENN!!! You totally rock!!!! And your timing was impeccable. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

::sigh:: I have the coolest friends, ever.


Tiny Tyrant said...

Kate! Yeah.

The card holder, matched the pencils (the container works great for dpns), matched the date book and the sticky notes. I figured some of the kids in your clinic would get a kick out of all of it. And the card holder works to hold your hospital badge in a pinch too, at least that was my thinking.

The Moleskine notebooks are my FAV. I LOVE those things. And you can doodle up knitting patterns on the grid. ;-)

The mini facial was so you had some pamper me stuff and I got tired of waiting in line and had to grab one more thing. lol

The Koigu will work up great. I saw the same in green knitted up by a friend. The silk blend, no idea but it's so soft who cares. Be sure to do toe up though. :-)

And I actually sent the cup as a joke since you hang at the Starbucks. Score on the double meaning!

The bone was totally worth it for the pics of Miss Mags.

Love you honey. Congrats on your transition to 2nd year.

Anonymous said...

I love love LOVE that second to last picture of Maggie.

Anonymous said...

Ooops, sorry, no I mean that last one.

Becca said...

mags is gorgeous! so is that yarn

Angie said...

That last pic is awesome!