Monday, January 18, 2010

Better laid plans...

....still didn't happen.

So, I've been thinking a lot about the life of Dr. King, lately. As I've said every MLK day for a few years now, I respect the work that he did. I admire that he died for the cause. And I think he changed the world, for which I'm grateful.

And I've been pondering over the past couple of days, what to say in today's post. And, once again, I had big plans for today. Mags and I slept in, then got up and got breakfast and went to PetSmart. After that I Furminated her, and by the time Mags decided she'd had enough I had over half a plastic grocery bag full of undercoat (which I saved, and will continue to add to it, and intend to someday spin). I was contemplating meals and groceries (I am determined to get back on my meal know, eventually...), did a bit of other stuff, showered, and then Faye was like, "Hey, want to get lunch?" So we did, and it was lovely, and then I stopped by my friends' house on the way home. Just to drop in. For, you know, not more than a half an hour. No, seriously, I was going to leave by 3:30 - 4 at the very latest - because I wanted to hit the grocery store and then come home and finish the laundry and clean the kitchen and get the Christmas tree put up and make dinner and...

So, I left around nine.

We had a lovely time. It was a good end to the weekend. We talked and laughed and told stories, messed with the Wii, ate dip. I knit, and actually got quite a lot done on my current project. And I finally was like, no really, I have to get home (because as I type this, it's 11pm, and I start on the Crisis unit in the morning). And so I got home, and made some dinner, and was fussing with the laundry, and I thought, you know, well, this was probably a much better course of action for the day. My house may still be a disaster, but my soul feels better. And that's really the point, right?

And then I was thinking about the blog, and what I was going to write before I went to bed, and then, it suddenly dawned on me that the friends with whom I was hanging out were black.

And I know...I'm not sure I could think of a better way to honor Dr. King's vision than to spend 6 hours on an impromptu social call, having discussions of various family members' skin tones and assorted cultural mores of both "my people" (the Greeks) and "their people," and generally enjoying the company of good friends, without it ever really occurring to me to question that they were any more different from me than anybody else who was raised in a different cultural subset of Americans.

Thank God this "free at last?"


Anonymous said...

"free at last"-------

for them
for others
for their minds, thoughts
for other"s minds, thoughts


Becca said...

good point