Saturday, January 30, 2010

Chilly dog

Mags and I are hanging out at the hotel. I got up wicked early and went in to work, did speed rounds, and then checked in with my boss and left. I came back here and wrote notes...until I dozed off... So after I woke up a few minutes later, I finished them for real (and prepped all of tomorrow's), and then took a wonderful, fabulous, rockstar, 4-hour nap. It was awesome. Woke up when radiology paged me with a not-so-awesome finding on one of my patient's images, but, the nap was still fantastic.

I had some of the oddest dreams. And one where I woke up convinced I'd had this conversation with my co-worker in real life for about five minutes or so, until I figured out, no, no, that was part of that dream I had...

May and her wife, it turns out, life right across the street from here. So they invited me over for dinner. I was trending towards being seclusive and just ordering room service, but decided to make the concerted effort to go be social. They invited Maggie, too. We had a wonderful time. Good conversation, good food, lots of fun watching Ricky the cat try to decide if he wanted to be friends with Maggie (he did. He really, really did. Except then he wasn't sure...)

Typical ambivalent male.

But now we're back, and cozied in for the night. I'm hoping to get some actual sleep tonight despite the marathon nap.


hima said...

Sometime After a terrible conditions, people learn how great the life they lived for so long.

How grateful are you?

Anonymous said...

Chilly Dog!


How about Hot Diggidy Dog?

What a day------hope today is just as good---or better!

Enjoy and sooo cold here
Take a look at my snowy pics.