Sunday, January 17, 2010

Best laid plans

Ohhh, I had such big plans for this weekend.'t really accomplished much.

Okay, so maybe that's not entirely true.

Yesterday I spent with my aunt, uncle, and cousin - we hit like seven different places in CH, including the yarn shop. My cousin is a new-ish knitter, and just this week made the breakthrough to non-square knitting. She made a kickass hat, and, much like what happened after my first hat, I think she might never knit on straights again. We had a lot of fun yesterday, but something I ate didn't quite agree with me. Mike had a party last night, which, his parties are always a good time, but in the end I stayed home and was queasy.

I feel a little better today, but still not awesome. But I had all these great ideas about cleaning my house this weekend - one room per day, really really get it straightened and cleaned and upacked...

Mags and I went to Starbucks this am; we got the Sunday paper, and came home and cut coupons. I messed around online. We found the dog park in the town where we live, finally, but then discovered you have to pay a membership fee and need a keycard to get in. I did some knitting. I cleaned the kitchen a bit and I did the dishes. I finally lined the shelves and started putting stuff back in the cabinets (I'd cleared them out a month or so ago so they could do a "deep spray" for the roaches. They've sprayed in there a couple of times now, but thusfar the things that seem to have actually helped the most are the cold weather and the baits that I bought). Mags and I ordered pizza for dinner. I knitted a little bit more. There was a nap in there somewhere, too...

So, a slow day, but maybe a needed one.

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Anonymous said...

Slow days are OK once in awhile.

what are you knitting?

Normal kind of days now---no preparation for holidays, and catching up on some quilting.

Making a baby quilt with a bunch of doggies on it for my DIL's sister. They will NOT be the traditional type of pink/blue,yellow parents of a sweet cuddly baby. Not for them--how about camouflage and two big black labs --that are sooo sweet and ready to romp around with the little boy when he arrives.

on to this week! ! ! !'
enjoy carol