Saturday, January 09, 2010

Day of Lazy Rest

In truth, I wasn't actually lazy today.

Mags and I had a low-key day today. We slept in, we got a slow start on the morning, which was nice. I read some. I ordered the books for my upcoming course on Mindfulness and Psychoanalysis. I did a lot of price-comparison, which left me about $30 ahead. And, ps, I love E-bates.

Last night was quite lovely. A bunch of folks from our group have birthdays in January, so we went to this new Thai-Japanese place in Durham. The food was actually pretty awesome. As it turns out, I still don't like tofu (I keep trying), but if I could've gotten the spicy basil with chicken instead (next time I'll ask for that) it would've been awesome. Sonia came prepared with a cake for the birthday kids, and the restaurant gave us a random scoop of ice cream (that was...well...random) and a piece of coconut cake (that was pretty awesome). We talked a lot about work (which is what happens when you get a bunch of shrinks together). We laughed a lot and generally had a good time. I was really tired yesterday, and almost didn't go, but I'm really glad I did.

Still, it was nice to chill out with the pup today. It's been a stressful week, and tomorrow, I think, is going to be kind of busy. So we cuddled and watched a lot of SVU today. It was nice to have a moment to breathe..

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Anonymous said...

A good day for all-----sounds good enough to do again---maybe next weekend- - - - -

Practice makes perfect!

Enjoy enjoy and still cold here