Friday, January 29, 2010

Call it a working vacation....

So, here we are, in NC, with all sources indicating we are heading into the SNOWPOCALYPSE this weekend.

Today was k-r-a-z-y at work, to begin with. And then everyone's all freaking out about the snow. I'm doing coverage this weekend, which means that, barring an actual apocalypse, I have to be at the hospital tomorrow (and Sunday, when we're supposed to have considerably more snow). And did I mention that the entire state is FREAKING OUT?

So, I gave in. Mags and I are staying at a Residence Inn a few miles from the hospital (instead of, you know, 30, like my house). It's nice - it's a studio. They have this weird, small, two-burner, flat-top range that might as well be a hotplate. I tried making spaghetti on it tonight, with limited success. But, beyond that, it's actually laid out pretty well.

There's real, actual, SNOW out there tonight. Mags and I romped in it for a little while. It was falling really, really fast for a time, but now has slowed down. We have a couple of inches! Raleigh is supposed to get over a foot this weekend! We'll see.

Faye is on with me this weekend. She's two floors up.

I somehow feel like this might be the start of one of those really momentous residency stories....

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Anonymous said...

Can you sing, "snow snow go away, come back some other day?"

We got it first and thought to "share" with you Easterners! ! !

We probably have 6 inches here----going to TRY pictures somewhere.

And thanks for your 4th of July pics taken of fireworks at night. Have a new camera and took a couple last NIGHT of the snow falling and it turned out nice.
It was your idea----remembering your pics----and my camera has a night setting.

Still want to learn "life"
enjoy---try to make a snowman