Thursday, January 07, 2010

Tigers and Cougars and Crazies - oh my!!

There's a newbie in the Blogosphere.

One of my good friends from Baby Blue has started a blog. Well, actually, two. Jenny, who on occasion is known on this blog as Tiger, or previously, Edie (I think) speaks of the tales and tails that allow us a glimpse into the crazy and wonderful that is her life at A Life I Never Expected. Additionally, she opens to us her spiritual journeys, and those of her coven, at Which Way Apothecary.

Welcome, Jenny.

Incidentally, it's also Jenny's birthday. She says she's slipping over the hill. I say she's my favorite Cougar. Either way, I hope this is a wonderful year.

It's actually quite a time of year for birthdays. Brad's was yesterday as well - happy birthday, Brad! Rene's was this past weekend - happy birthday, Rene! And there are enough impending that there's a group birthday outing tomorrow night for all the January birthdays. Should be a good time!


Danielle said...

Does your old friend Bloga have a blog?

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jenny----and to all the others in January that I know or don't know! ! !

And let me be the first to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day----

Paducah was "there"---and just fine---chinese delicious----SMELLED the Starbucks when I walked by-----and school is out and out today. Not a snow problem----simply TOO COLD---the buildings are not warm enough for the kids and too cold for them to stand outside. We have 4 deg above this morning with wind chill factor of a minus 10 deg.

In the 20 years since we have been down here----never this cold---we don't mind----(Northern Yankees) but I do feel sorry for the Southern Bells and Beaus.

Have fun this weekend-----and enjoy