Monday, January 04, 2010


Oyyyy, what a Monday.

I'm on the gero unit - AGAIN - covering ECT for Fang today, tomorrow, and Wednesday. I can't seem to leave the gero unit. And painfully (for them; this was much easier for me) I had the same three patients I had the last time I was on ECT. Sent one of 'em home. Oy.

Had to call social services today. Spent an hour on the phone with them. Meanwhile, my schizophrenic patient showed up on the wrong day for his shot. And I had to reschedule my entire afternoon clinic because they scheduled me for my physical therapy intake tomorrow, and I had a clinic full of patients, but the soonest I could reschedule was the FOURTEENTH. So, okay, fine, I'll move people around... And then I had to run to the off-site gero clinic this afternoon. It was a full and emotionally taxing day.

I...I have this whole post in my head about the real meaning of independence, as I spent the whole day working with people whose independence we're trying to take...for their own safety, obviously, but it still feels horrible. But, it's already 10:15, so that's going to have to stew until another day.

Fortunately, I had dinner with my aunt and uncle tonight (my Southern family, after a week with my Northern family, as it were). And that was a lot of fun. And some seriousness. But definitely pleasant, and very tasty. It was a nice way to wrap up the day.

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Anonymous said...

UFF DA-------a norwegian or swedish saying meaning-----

geez I forgot----"gero stuff"

oh '''I think WHATEVER from Lorna's softball coach and was used many times during the season--which was a good one

Independence---big problem---you bet. Take it away for safety sake---but encourage not give up taking care of themselves----

straddling the fence of life.
You will figure out a good path around that fence.

Keep warm and enjoy Carol