Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Sex on CNN

So, I'm trolling for something interesting to post tonight (with my exhausted mush-for-brains dribbling out my ear), and two linked articles on CNN.com caught my eye.

Let me preface this by saying, I debated for several minutes whether or not it was appropriate to post this. Because, you know, "old" people read my blog. And then I came to the conclusion that, look, if it's safe for work, it's safe for people over the age of 60.

Isn't it funny how we spend so much time as parents (or parental-y figures) trying to protect our kids from smut, and then eventually, as kids we spend so much time trying - in a very similar fashion, honestly - to protect our parents from smut.

I'm also reminded of this story from when I was home in July. Really, people. I was 30 years old. And, um, I can spell.

Anyhow. So the article that originally caught my eye was this one. Which did so because, back during my year working in yarn sales and sex therapy, the existence of the G-spot was a HUGELY contested issue in the Sex Clinic. Like, I'm not sure I can think of an issue we collectively argued about more. I'm in the "of course it exists" camp, my supervisor was in the "of course it doesn't exist" camp. I think this study CNN references is poorly constructed and the results are useless. But it continues to amaze me that we as clinicians and as women argue so hotly the very existence of this. Like unicorns. Or Dissociative Identity Disorder.


But then, that article was linked to this one. Which just upset me. Because I'm perpetually amazed at how often my adolescent patients, or their friends, or whomever, have "pregnancy scares" these days. Or get knocked up. I brought this up to one of my patients one day, after reading that they were teaching abstinence-only sex ed in our public schools, and she was like, "No, not really. Mostly what we talk about in Health class is what to do with your baby while you're in school." Which kind of made me want to bang my head on my desk for a while.

Not to mention, uh, pregnancy cures itself. AIDS is forever.

It's just sex, people. Humankind will not shatter if we discuss anatomy and sexual health. Your children will not burst into flames if you teach them how to use a condom.

(But I was brought by a stork. And I refuse to believe otherwise, so don't even argue.)


robin said...

same here. stork all the way.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I was ever told how I got here------IT PROBABLY WAS NOT ALLOWED- - - - -hehehe

Old people read your blog---yeup that's me but I am NOT 60---just 39 and holding and I think some of these "antics" of young and medium people are both funny and sad----

I did not make a "point" of informing my kids about the birds and bees----I did not "protect" them either---cause they probably learned more on the playground than I could "inform" them---I simply added more information when they needed additional answers and then they educated me.

it blows MY MIND when the "today's" parents want to SAVE their kids from "all that bad stuff" and yet are too busy to keep track of what they are doing,going, etc.-----and get pregnant cause they DIDN'T KNOW HOW TO NOT GET PREGNANT and then SAVE the oldsters from "smut"

Good Grief!

Did they "teach" this in school---or at home----or on the playground? I must have missed that day! Probably weren't paying attention to any of it----cause they KNEW.

From Victorian Era 1837-1901 to now in the 2000's attitudes have changed---Wow

Interesting topic today
Enjoy and will Paducah be shut down tomorrow for my Dr. Appt cause they will get 2 TO 3 inches of snow.

stay tuned Carol