Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Oh, my, my, my....

Today crashed in with a vengeance.

So I'm on the Crisis unit, which is the shortened form of Adult Crisis and Stabilization, its full name. It's known for being a land of borderlines and substance abusers, at least at Baby Blue (because remember, we have seven subspecialized units. So things get sort of boiled down to their essence). It's also known for it's high drama and high turnover.

We had both today.

Now, as the third year resident, because I still have clinic responsibilities (we're supposed to be 75/25% inpatient/clinic, but it really ends up being more like 50/50), I only carry 6 patients, whereas the intern, who has no clinic, carries 9. So I was like, oh, okay, I can handle this. I had 6 on my Gero service. No big deal.

Except there's a LOT more drama, of course. And a lot more gaminess. And, oh, did I mention, I discharged 4 of those people today. Which ends up being a freakin' lot of paperwork, if nothing else.


Well, one day down.

At least (okay, it's rather a lot), my intern is the bomb-diggety. She's hard working and efficient, and also funny and smart and good to work with. That is always a huge, huge factor.

But at the very least, I don't have the pox this go round...

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Anonymous said...

Ought Oh!

can you say "pox" on you and be done with????

Oh my oh my

but try to enjoy Carol
Does paperwork also mean Starbucks for you and Mags?