Saturday, February 09, 2008

A pox on my house

I was on call today.

I got sent home.


I have...........the pox.

Yep. I got the bloody stupid motherfucking chicken pox again. This is, I think, the fifth time I've had them. According to one of my cell bio profs in med school, I likely have an apparent T cell defect which is either too efficient at actually eliminating a virus that's supposed to lie dormant in your nerve roots forever (until you get shingles) or is too inefficient at turning this particular virus over to the B cells so that they can confer a longer-lasting immunity, so that when I get exposed to the virus again (say, from my AIDS patient with fulminent shingles, or the family practice resident who's just getting over the chicken pox she didn't have as a kid), my antibodies whallop the new invading virus instead of letting it manifest again. And no, it's not shingles, because it's everywhere.

At least I never get a very severe case. The worst I've ever had was I think 25 pox. So far I've counted 11 this time. And it could be worse. I could have smallpox. Or cowpox. Or I could get indolent, repetitive courses or leprosy or something. But I haven't had it since medical school and then I got the vaccine and I thought I was safe....

Stupid pox.

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Tiny Tyrant said...

Well now we know why you've been tired besides the craziness at work.

Rest and take care of yourself.

And yeah I actually spoke with my doc yesterday and they had to cut it out of my abdominal wall and it was wrapped around my intestines as well.

I apparently impressed the h* out of the general surgeon she called in to help with the removal.

And yes knitting is helping immensely.