Thursday, August 12, 2010

And then there's the very short chairs

Ten ways you know you're a child psychiatrist:

1. Whatever it is, you don't prescribe it unless you know if it comes in a liquid.

2. There's a dollhouse in your office.

3. You're standing in the Barnes and Noble, and realize that the blood-curdling wails of the child melting down in the Kids' section for the last ten minutes didn't even make a ding on your radar (this might have happened to me yesterday).

4. You've spent an entire therapy session playing chess, and gathered a lot of data from that.

5. You realize that half the notes you've taken lately are in crayon.

6. You frequently have to stop yourself from turning to strangers' children and saying "1.....2....."

7. You often resist the urge to do the same to your colleagues.

8. You think the whole world can be explained by attachment theory.

9. You can speak for a good five minutes entirely using acronyms.

10. Your patients repeatedly use nonsense words, Twilight references, and text speak in therapy sessions (ZOMG!).

I so love my job.


Danielle said...

Have you had any CASA volunteers ordering notes yet?

penguinshrink said...

No dear, it's "that's one..." ;)

Anonymous said...

could not leave comment yesterday----testing 1 2 3

enjoyed carol