Sunday, August 29, 2010

Drawn to a close

Ahhh, another week down.

Mom's home. She's feeling better and her lip is back to its normal size.

Maggie missed her.


It was a full and yet very unproductive day. I had a good time at coffee this morning. I picked up my mom, her prescriptions, and some lunch and then headed back to the ranch. I had a good workout. I ran a couple of errands. I took Maggie back to my folks later in the evening so she could say hello and I could do my mom's pill boxes. We watched some SVU. I didn't get my laundry or my dishes done. I didn't get half the work done this weekend that I wanted to. I never made it to Costco.

You know? It's just fine.


Anonymous said...

Maggie and I 'approve' this message.

She looks sooooo cute!

Hope the week flies by----but also hope that the hurricane coming doesn't interfer with your weekend.

Enjoy Carol

Becca said...

your doggie is adorable!