Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saturday ahoy

Yeah, I don't know what that title means.

It's been an interesting couple of days. My mom developed a giant, rapidly spreading abscess in her lip, and so we spent last night in the ER, where ENT drained it and they admitted her for IV antibiotics. I spent a lot of today driving back and forth from the hospital to where we live. I went to the hospital to get my blood drawn (time for a thyroid test), then went home and got my dad, dropped him off to keep my mom company, went to coffee, went and got shoes and picked up lunch, went back to my house to eat, went back to pick up my dad, went back to the hospital to hang out with my mom....well, you get the picture.

I walked into the New Balance store and said, "I have the worst plantar faciitis in the history of feet. Help. Please." I left with new tennis shoes and a pair of those tone-your-butt flip-flops. Not because I think they'll actually tone my butt (flip-flops vs. my fat ass? Please.), but because the guy suggested them and they were SO comfortable. And marginally cute. But SO comfortable....

My mom and I had a nice visit, though. We got an off unit pass and took a walk to the Starbucks in the hospital. We people-watched. We ate cookies. I worked on knitting a baby sock.

When I left the hospital I caught up with a bunch of my coworkers at a local watering hole to celebrate May's upcoming wedding. We had a lovely time. We ate and talked and laughed a whole lot. It was an intimate little group of us by design, and it was so great to chat and catch up and tell stories. And May and Doug are adorable together. It was exactly what I needed after a really long day...

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Anonymous said...

It is called meeting yourself as you are coming and going! ! !

But all in all everything sounds good and 'normal' for a "Kate".

Feet problems are the 'pits'---I have it too---but it is called Rheumatold Arthritis. Hands and fingers too---but unfortunately I have to walk on my feet and the fingers pretty much don't mind that bodily activity. They just stretch while playing at the things I LIKE TO DO.

Enjoy Carol