Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Wordful Wednesday

So today was my first day at the State Hospital outpatient clinic.

It was unceremonious and overwhelming.

But none of my patients showed up, which is a little weird for that setting.

We spend all day there on Wednesdays and the afternoons there on Thursdays. So I have a meeting tomorrow, then a lecture, then supervision, then two therapy patients. BUT! The morning County clinic is canceled, so I have to morning to myself. I'm going to go to coffee, then maybe the gym, then I'm going to get to SH a little early and continue setting up my office.

I have a private office all to myself. Where I will do therapy. And I LOVE it. 

There's a little short table with little short chairs. There's a chalkboard and a bookshelf with toys. I have a dollhouse and a deck of cards and a plastic dinosaur. And I hit up the "toy room" today for crayons, markers, and colored pencils (since most of my patients are teenagers). I'd like a little different furniture, but I fully intend to make that place all mine for the next two years. Today after clinic I went to Staples and bought some...well, you know.

No clinic. Fresh office supplies. Tomorrow morning is going to be just like Christmas. Only warmer, and will feature me trying to clean the mildew out of the air conditioner vents...

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Anonymous said...

You work with kids?? ? ? ?

Oh My!

But the office sounds very very nice, inviting, comfy and let the 'healing' begin.

enjoy Carol