Sunday, August 22, 2010

Week's end

Hey, look! I have my internet back!

It's been quite a weekend. Maggie proved her prowess as a mouser (I think we caught the mama mouse the other day, because there were five juveniles who came out all of a sudden. Maggie - who's never so much as nipped at anyone - did a great job breaking their little necks. Meanwhile, I keep trying to stop telling myself little stories about the mousy family and the subsequent massacre that happened in my apartment Friday...). I finally figured out just how far my car will go after it hits "E". I did some actual work, spent some time with friends, hung out with the folks, played some Wii.

And now the weekend is drawing to a close, and there's a rumbly summer storm rolling through. Maggie is none too pleased about this. I, on the other hand, love it.

Often makes me thing of this song...

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Anonymous said...

Will wonders never cease? Back in the land of technology, and 'evicting' unwanted tenants, and fun.

Hope you rewarded Maggie for being a good sub-lease landlord!

Enjoy enjoy carol